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Video: This is What a Dream Theater Soundcheck Looks Like


Soundchecks really oughtta be like batting practice at baseball games, right? You paid for the ticket, so if you’re motivated enough to get there early you should be entitled to watch the band setup and get their shit sounding right! From a distance, of course. The practical reality of the touring lifestyle and the tight confines of venues make this an impossibility, I realize that, but… I dunno, just something to think about. I’m pretty sure some bands make this part of their VIP experience, but man, that shit is expensive!

For now, at least we have footage like the below of Dream Theater getting ready for a gig on their recent The Astonishing tour. I know it’s been like this for at least the past twenty years, but it’s amazing to see the high level at which Dream Theater operate, whatwith the ability to have a whole team of techs and stage-hands working for them. Once everything’s been set up, the band comes out, strums a few notes, then heads back into hiding. The life!

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