Enlarge A warning to all any aggro shithead attending a Maiden show.

Bruce Dickinson is Not Above Calling Out Dickhead Audience Members


It’s easy to think of a concert–especially an incredibly large, heavily attended concert–as a place where you can get away with anything. Once you’re part of the massive rabble in attendance, all bets are off.

But one beautiful thing about the live arena is that the performers can see you just as you can see them. And if you’re being an asshole, they’ll be happy to comment on it. Which is especially bad if the performer in question is the brilliant, charismatic, hilarious frontman of the best metal band of all time.

Case in point, Bruce Dickinson briefly interrupted Iron Maiden’s Adelaide show at the Adelaide Entertainment Center to call out a fan who was pushing his way to the front. He took the time to describe what he was wearing, tell him to calm the fuck down, and assure him that his bullshit behavior was not acceptable.

You can watch the video below, but my favorite line is:

“You will be exiting–pick a window. I hope you like hospital food. You. Yeah, give me the finger, mate, you can come backstage and I’ll fucking sort you out myself. Cunt.”

Who gives Bruce Dickinson the finger? Seriously, dude, you’re doing yourself no favors.

Hopefully, this will serve as an example to all the pushy, violent asshole concertgoers out there. Lots of bands want their shows to be a good time and nothing more. If they see you acting like a fuckstick, they will call you out on it. Which is especially lame when you’re surrounded by tens of thousands of people who would die for the man you just gave the finger.

Anyway, don’t be a jerk-off at shows, and sorry to all the other guys in Raiders shirts at the Adelaide show. Hope you didn’t take too much shit because of this tadpole’s behavior.

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