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Ever Wanted A Zakk Wylde Emoji Set? Well, Too Bad, You’ve Got One!



Are your emojis lacking an overuse of pinch harmonics? Are you ever worried your friends don’t fully understand your text of, “YEAH BROTHER”? Are you dying to rep the kind of southern biker rock that only a dude from New Jersey can make?

Well, wipe away those tears, good buddy, because Zakk Wylde has released his own emoji set. Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus is real.

As you can see above, the set includes such vital emotional messages as Zakk crying for joy/sadness, Zakk fed up with your bullshit, Zakk feeling like a somewhat historically-accurate Viking, Zakk feeling like a somewhat historically-inaccurate Viking, blazing riffs, and most importantly, the Sonic Brew coffee mug symbol.

Before this, I didn’t know how to tell people how I truly felt. Now, I can proudly let the love of my life know that I am two amps for her (and maybe, someday, four amps).

The Zakk Wylde emoji set is available via the Emoji Fame app, which you can get from the iTunes store here. Also, Zakk is going on tour to support his latest solo effort Book of Shadows II, so you can send your friends Zakk Wylde emojis while watching Zakk Wylde at one of the dates below, if you’re feeling super meta about Zakk Wylde, which felt as silly to write as I’m sure it feels to read.


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