Man, Sounds Like Dez Fafara Loved That Coal Chamber Reunion


Remember last year, when Coal Chamber released their first new album in thirteen years and embarked on a bunch of tours with bands people sort of wanted to see? It’s good to see that one of nu-metal’s finest bands is back in action, huh?

Yeah, not so much. In a recent interview with Australian website Blunt, frontman Dez Fafara was asked about Coal Chamber’s status, and he said the following:

Coal Chamber, right now, Coal Chamber has no place in my life whatsoever at this point. Not with DevilDriver firing on all cylinders and where we’re at. I’m telling you, if you’ve heard Trust No One, the next subsequent records after this are going to be fucking furious. We’ve kept our signature groove, but we’ve also jumped way away from any people around us. So we’re really defining ourselves at this point, and stepping completely away from the pack.

Which is totally fair. DevilDriver might not always be the most dynamic band, but they are worlds above Coal Chamber in terms of sheer power and talent displayed from record to record.

Even more hilarious is that it sounds like Dez only agreed to do Coal Chamber’s new album if it involved as little work on his part as humanly possible.

…the thing is this; I took time off from DevilDriver not to do Coal Chamber. I took time off completely, just to take time off. When I took time off, the Coal Chamber guys called me and said, “Look, what’s your most important thing?” I said, “I want to eat dinner with my family every night.” They said, “Well, you have a studio at your house. Why don’t you record a record?” I said, “Cool. Okay. I’m just sitting home anyways.”

This is pretty amazing for a lot of reasons. First, it sounds like Fafara is a family man; that he didn’t just fill his time off with running to a studio in LA is big of him. Second, the dude could have easily told his old band mates to fuck off and give him time to relax, but he decided to log in one more album with his original band (also understandable, given that, as he discussed on the MetalSucks podcast, he has a pretty hardcore work ethic).

But third, can’t you see the other guys in Coal Chamber jumping on this opportunity? “Dinner with your family? Yeah, totally. In your studio? We’re 100% on board! You don’t want to have to wear pants? Record in your boxers! Whatever you want, dude! Just agree to this!”

Anyway, read the full interview here. Coal Chamber fans should expect a new album to arrive when DevilDriver has finished six years of hard touring and there aren’t any good new movies on Netflix.

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