Ten Ways to Improve Your Crappy Guitar Tone for Free!


How much money have you poured down the endless rabbit hole of purchasing gear that’ll allegedly make your guitar tone better? And you never quite seem to get there, do you? Chasing the tone dragon, as they say. New guitars, new amps, pedals, even little stuff like cables and picks that’ll allegedly help you play and sound just a bit better… stop it, stop it right now!

Not that you’ll ever stop seeking that perfect crunch… but thanks to Gear Gods at least now you won’t have to waste any money doing it. The site’s EIC Trey Xavier has come up with ten very simple ways you can easily improve your tone without spending a dollar or even leaving your house. Not only will you have perfect guitar tone after watching this video, but you’ll have money leftover to buy your MetalSucks and Gear Gods editors pizza and/or shots next time you see them out at a show. Everyone wins!

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