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Kelly Osbourne Tweets Ozzy’s Mistress’ Phone Number, Accuses Her of Elder Abuse


Let’s say you found out that your elderly father had cheated on your mom with someone significantly younger than he is, and that this led to a public scandal. How do you react? Do you calmly look at all sides of the argument and try to make sense of the world? Or do you say, “Cold sit on it, HO,” and publish that bitch’s phone number online?

Kelly Osbourne, daughter of heavy metal god Ozzy Osbourne, apparently went with the latter. After her parents’ marriage was shaken by Ozzy having an affair with his hairdresser, Kelly tweeted the following:

DAMN, GIRL. For the record, that number has since been disconnected.

But it goes further. Multiple people have replied to Kelly claiming that she should blame her father and not the woman he slept with for her family troubles. To which she’s responded:

Which actually makes a good point! Not only is Ozzy 67 years old, but he’s Ozzy, the ultimate Celebrity Who Maybe Doesn’t Know Where He Is Right Now. Even if he has checked into rehab for sex addiction, Ozzy might not have been as participatory in his cheating as we might think.

Whether or not Kelly should have tweeted this woman’s number is a bigger issue. On the one hand, maybe her tweet is causing her family more pain than anything else. Meanwhile, I’m not a huge fan of airing your grievances with others on social media–I think it’s tacky and unprofessional.

That said, Kelly ain’t Ozzy’s manager, she’s his daughter, and nothing is more important than family! If this woman tried to hurt my family, I’d come at her with every sling, arrow, spear and barb in my arsenal. I also like that Kelly didn’t take the Let’s Not Name Names approach, she just put the other woman’s phone number online. It’s ballsy.

We’ll see how this plays out, but again, daaaaaamn.


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