Papa Roach Crowdfound Their New Album, Offer Their Studio as a Reward


For our younger and more underground readers, Papa Roach is a nu-metal/emo/djent band whose songs concern doing things to one’s body, being cutting it into pieces or tearing it open and sewing it shut. They’re also the latest band to embrace crowdfunding, having launched a PledgeMusic page to pay for the creation of their latest album.

What’s especially interesting is the kinds of rewards that The Papas & The Roaches are offering for those suckers generous fans interested in paying to help them continue their career.

For example, you can get a disposable camera filled with behind-the-scenes photos of the band that you’ll have no idea where to get developed:


Or, if you’ve got a little more cheddar to spare, you can come in for a day in the studio, to witness the blinding crucible of their creative process (getting there is on you, though):


Aw, someone already dropped their life savings on that. Ah, well.

Then, of course, there’s… wait, what?


You can… buy the baby? From Love Hate Tragedy? That wasn’t a real baby? I mean, I knew the horns were digitally altered, but that baby looks really real. But, okay, meanwhile, who the Hell would want an ultra-realistic baby covered in signatures on their shelf? That is basically the stuff of nightmares right there. You wake up from a bad dream, and you look up at your booksehlf, and BAM, malevolent baby.

Of course, if all of this seems a little pedestrian for a high roller such as yourself, you could just buy Papa Roach’s entire fucking studio!


Yes, that’s right, for a mere $600k, you can own Papa Roach’s studio and everything in it. Any crafty real estate mogul will tell you that purchasing studio space from a heavy metal band’s crowdfunding page is the best way to go. All you’ll have to do is open the doors and windows so a little crossbreeze flows through the space and gets rid of the smell of financial desperation and rusted ball chain necklaces.

Of course, I assume that offering up the studio is a bit like selling Bart on elephant on the radio, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if that studio is a massive money-suck that the band would happily get off their hands for such a large chunk of change (one might say that THIS IS THEIR LAST RE-SOOORT, thanks, I’m here all week).

Anyway, if you want to buy all these things and more from a dude who got herpes from his uncle, then proceed. If you purchase the studio, let us know so we can interview you and ask what the flying fuck you were thinking.

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