Stream the New Thrice Album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere in Full


Two opposing viewpoints expressed in our comments section about the first single from Thrice’s new album released back in March perfectly sum up the chasm amongst this band’s fans that’s developed over the years. In one corner, those who completely jumped ship after their 2002 punk breakthrough The Illusion of Safety — or perhaps its more slickly-produced 2003 follow-up The Artist in the Ambulance — and say everything after sucks, and in the other those who’ve followed this singular group through every twist and turn they’ve taken and think it’s all brilliant:

Thrice comments Thrice comments

Thrice are never going back, so if you expect a “return to form” with To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, you can stop reading this right now. There’s some heaviness on the album, sure, but it’s stylistically all over the map, like all their latter-day work has been. And it’s absolutely fantastic! I’m just now hearing it all the way through for the first time right along with you, so I can’t offer final judgment yet, but I liked all the singles the band released over the past few weeks and I like what I’m hearing here so far.

To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere comes out today, May 27th, via Vagrant and can be pre-ordered here.

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