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The New Doom Game Features Subliminal Satanic Messages


There was never any doubt that the new reboot of the Doom video game franchise is metal as fuck. In fact, I had assumed it was for this reason that I’ve been enjoying the game so much since its release. But as it turns out, I’ve probably been enjoying it as the result of subliminal Satanic messages contained within the game.

Metal Injection reports that a player has discovered that a track from the game’s score, “Cyberdemon,” shows pentagrams and the number 666 when its frequencies are viewed through a spectogram.

doom subliminal message

Mick Gordon, the game’s composer, has since confirmed that this is no mere coincidence:

That is SUPER cool. It’s also kinda funny from the metal fan’s perspective: artists like Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne have notoriously had to go to court to prove that their music doesn’t contain evil subliminal messages, but Gordon has gone out of his way to do just the opposite. Hopefully no one gets litigious on the dude.

You can check out “Cyberdemon” via the below video. Doom is out now for various platforms.

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