Enlarge Artwork Credit: Can Buyukberber

Watch Almost Three Minutes of Tool’s New Animated Visuals


As anyone who’s seen Tool live can attest, the visuals the band displays on giant screens throughout the show are an incredibly important part of their concert experience. Designed by a number of extremely talented artists (some of whom worked on Tool’s album art) in collaboration with guitarist Adam Jones, who is himself an animator, the band’s visuals have come to define them as much as the music itself.

The band got to show off some new animated eye candy during their brief tour at the beginning of this year as accompaniment to a new song they played a portion of called “Descending,” and now we’re getting an up-close look at those via animator Can Buyukberber. The music in this preview isn’t new Tool music, but rather a piece composed by Yagmur Uyanik that eerily fits the visuals quite well. Here’s the clip, via Metal Insider:

As for when we’ll hear new Tool music? Your guess is good as ours.

More on the artist at Can Buyukberber’s official website.

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