New Day, Same Shit: Phil Anselmo Subscribes to “Pro White/Pro European/Pro Western” YouTube Channel

  • Axl Rosenberg

Do you believe Phil Anselmo when he says he’s sorry for all the bigoted remarks he’s made in the past? I’d like to. I’d really, really, really like to.

But I don’t.

And here’s why:

When I first wrote about Phil Anselmo’s proclivity for bigotry back in January, after he screamed “WHITE POWER!” and gave a Nazi salute at Dimebash, I asserted that “the fact that this issue has repeatedly reared its ugly head throughout the course of [Anselmo’s] career suggests that not only does he believe what he says, but he believes it so strongly that he can’t help but let it out, even when he knows it makes him look bad.”

Case in point: it’s not even been five months since the Dimebash incident — an incident which led to at least one of Anselmo’s bands being kicked off of shows and inspired the aforementioned multiple apologies from the vocalist — and we get a reader tip that this happened:

housecore save europe description

The “About” section of the channel goes on to declare that “The time has come for every White Man/White Woman to stand up and speak out against the destruction of their people and culture(s).” Included on the channel are propaganda videos with such charming titles as “The Beauty of White Culture,” “Feminist Gets OWNED,” “Katie Hopkins OWNS Whining Muslim on Immigration,” and “Douglas Murray OWNS anti white racists on immigration!” (I guess whomever uploads these videos really loves to write variations of the word “own” in caps.) Perhaps the most upsetting video on the channel is one entitled “Europeans Awaken! Defend Europe!”, which makes a serious argument for the value of mobs with torches, all set to the theme music from Netflix’s Daredevil series for some reason.

Now, I suppose that it’s possible that an administrator of Anselmo’s Housecore Records YouTube channel did this without his permission. But there’s no way for Anselmo to prove that, and even if he did, you’d have to wonder why he was granting such power to someone who would do such a thing.

So, honestly, I don’t care anymore what the reason for all this shit is: if it was technically someone’s else fault, if Anselmo was just “making a joke,” or was drunk on white wine, or slipped and fell and accidentally hit the “subscribe” button with his nose. No more excuses. I’m done with this fool for good now. The guy is either a racist or an idiot; either answer is bad news.

I leave you with Machine Head’s new single, “Is Anybody Out There?”, which relates back to the Anselmo incident at Dimebash. If you’re one of the dickheads who sent Robb Flynn death threats for daring to speak out against Anselmo, you should feel a bottomless pit of shame opening up where your heart ought to be. Not all issues are black and white, but this one is — now, more than ever.

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