Enlarge Crowbar with Jeff Golden, far right.

Former Crowbar Bassist Jeff Golden Latest Musician to Allegedly be Fired Via Text Message


Does anybody care who the bassist in Crowbar is at any given time? They’re one of those bands who, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, only have one member. Everyone else is just a cog in the Windstein machine.

Still, assuming the accusations of recently-sacked bass player Jeff Golden are true… well, it’s a bummer.

Speaking to House of Tortured Souls, Golden claims that after hearing rumors that original bassist Todd “Sexy T” Strange was returning to the fold, he was assured that “it wouldn’t happen and they definitely wouldn’t do that to me.” Obviously, things went downhill from there. Says Golden:

“There was a phone call first, then we said it was all going to be worked out – and then I get a text message five minutes later saying I was fired.”

Golden continues:

“It was said that it was told to me [that Strange was coming back to the band], but it was never told to me. I found out through Facebook.”

If we take Golden at his word, then he is now part of an illustrious club that includes Dave Lombardo and Gene Hoglan, both of whom say they found out about their respective dismissals from Slayer and Fear Factory after reading about it online, and former Dimmu Borgir keyboardist Mustis, who also claims to have been fired via text message. So at least he’s in good company.


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