Here’s the Trailer for Rob Zombie’s Next Great Contribution to Cinema, Hitler Clown 31

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’ve long held that blunt truth in advertising would improve ticket sales of any given movie roughly a billion percent. What would you be more likely go to see in theaters, like, IMMEDIATELY: a movie called Crazy Russian Dwarf Hooker, or a movie called Orphan? A movie called Mila Kunis Wants to Fuck a Dog-Man, or a movie called Jupiter Ascending? A movie called Duck Titties, or a movie called Howard the Duck? You see my point, right?

To that end, now that I’ve seen the trailer for Rob Zombie’s latest cinematic opus, 31, I’m not sure why this movie isn’t called Hitler Clown, or why the entire marketing campaign doesn’t completely center around the fact that there is a Hitler Clown in the movie, instead of selling it as the world’s umpteenth aping of Saw. The same way you can put a poster with a Bat Symbol and a release date in theater lobbies and have a guaranteed money maker on your hand, you can most certainly put an image of a Hitler Clown and a release date in theater lobbies to ensure you have the #1 moneymaker of the year.

My only fear is that the character’s brief appearance in the trailer represents the entirety of his role in the final film. I guess the worst case scenario is that Hitler Clown becomes 2016’s answer to the Doof Warrior from Mad Max: Fury Road  small part, big impact.

Watch the trailer below. Rob Zombie’s Hitler Clown comes out September 16. I’m suddenly very excited.

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