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Not Blood Paint: It’s Metal, But Not As We Know It



Make no mistake, Brooklyn’s Not Blood Paint is not a metal band proper, and therefore some of you more warthoggish readers might question their inclusion on this site. But the band is now streaming their latest album, Believing Is Believing, and it has a lot of metal elements and atmosphere to it, and you know what, it’s fucking incredible.

What makes Not Blood Paint metal by proxy? Maybe it’s their moments of heaviness, which are reminiscent of Melvins, Shining, Thin Lizzy, and most definitely the works of Mike Patton, but will also probably appeal to fans of the World/Inferno Friendship Society or Muse. Maybe it’s their attitude, which has a lot of that tooth-licking indulgence one finds in classic satanism; “I Am An Angel” is an especially Luciferian track, perfect for spitting bourbon in God’s eye. Or maybe it’s something else, something that you can feel in the moment of listening but can’t really put your finger on. Does it matter? Not really. This is a cool record.

Stream Believing Is Believing below, and then blast it while driving stoned with the windows down in the hot sun. The record drops tomorrow, but you can pre-order it at their Bandcamp. You can catch the band on tour at the dates below the stream.

June 16 — Cleveland, OH — Happy Dog
June 17 — Detroit, MI — PJ’s Lager House
June 18 — Kalamazoo, MI — Shakespeare’s Pub
June 19 — Chicago, IL — Double Door
June 20 — Muncie, IN — Be Here Now
June 22 — Pittsburgh, PA — Spirit
June 23 — Annapolis, MD — Metropolitan
June 24 — Philadelphia, PA — Kung Fu Necktie
June 25 — Hoboken, NJ — Maxwell’s
July 07 — Brooklyn, NY — House of Yes

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