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Exodus Make Flip-Flops Now


If you’ve ever wanted to walk all over Exodus, here’s your chance: Exodus flip-flops are a reasonably-priced twenty bucks. I have it on good authority that James Hetfield owns a pair*. And they’ll go great with your Slayer towel. I wouldn’t recommend moshing in them, though.

exodus flip flops 1exodus flip flops 2

As a bonus, the Nuclear Blast webstore is now giving away free branded beach balls with every purchase of forty dollars or more. So you and a friend or significant other can both buy a pair of Exodus flip-flops and then wear them to play catch on the beach. As a bonus to the bonus, you will very likely frighten old squares who don’t know what Nuclear Blast is and therefore believe you to be endorsing mass murder. Hot fun in the summer time…

*That’s a joke. Please do not purchase Exodus flip-flops simply because you think James Hetfield endorses them.

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