Sounds Like Nick Menza’s Family Doesn’t Want Dave Mustaine Involved in His Tribute Show


Last month, the world lost former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza to cardiovascular disease. In response, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine released a heartfelt statement singing Menza’s praises, and went on to suggest that all of Megadeth’s former members get together and play a tribute show to their fallen comrade.

But in a recent interview with EonMusic, Mustaine reveals that he’s not involved with Nick’s tribute shows, though he does urge fans to give to the GoFundMe page started by Menza’s family to help Nick’s children:

“There’s some stuff going on right now where the family is doing a GoFundMe page, and I’m not involved in that. If they need our help they know where were at – we love them and want the best for them, so we’ll find out.

“For now I think that if anybody wants to get involved with Nick, the GoFundMe page [is the best place to do so]. I would rather that If anybody’s going to support what we’re going to do, our involvement is to help Nick’s legacy for his children…”

That’s gracious of Dave, especially considering that this sounds like Menza’s family doesn’t want him involved in any sort of tribute.

The thing is, this isn’t surprising. Dave might miss Nick a ton now, but the last posts we wrote about Menza before his death were about a) Nick bailing on the Rust in Peace line-up reunion because Mustaine offered him a shit deal and wouldn’t return his calls and b) Nick trying to contact Mustaine about unpaid publishing royalties he’s owed. Why would Menza’s family want the help of a dude who waited until after Nick’s death to give him the time of day?

Mustaine even says as much:

“Yeah, that came out of nowhere. I didn’t know what it was, because it was very highly populated how much Nick did not like me, in the things that he was saying. And I was not going to retaliate because I loved him, and I think that was evident when we dedicated the song to him. I couldn’t finish it, and I usually don’t let things stop me from doing by job, but I was overwhelmed with emotions.

“…I had no idea how much I really loved him until I couldn’t finish the song”.

It’s always hard losing a friend. But maybe an important part of that is admitting that you were a shit to that friend while he was still alive. Has Mustaine donated the amounts Nick claimed he was owed in publishing to his family?

Meanwhile, if you can, please donate to the Menza family’s GoFundMe page, which is trying to raise $65,000 for Nick’s children.

[via TeamRock]

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