Is Abigail Williams’ Ken Sorceron the New Singer for The Faceless?


Update, 1:16 pm: A reader has now sent us video of Sorceron performing with the band as well. Check it out below.

Earlier this week The Faceless embarked on a mini-tour that routes them from their home in Southern California to their performance at the Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, Quebec.

But who’s on vocals? The most recent mic-holder for The Faceless was Derek Rydquist, perhaps the best-known of all Faceless vocalists, who was also in the band from roughly 2006-2012 and whose voice can be heard on Akeldama and Planetary Duality. But The Faceless had to cancel some tour dates earlier this year, citing a fill-in vocalist who backed out last minute as the reason behind those cancelations. The public was never informed who that fill-in was.

Now that the mini-tour has begun, we at least know who’s filling in this time around: Ken Bergeron (aka Ken Sorceron) of Abigail Williams. MetalSucks reader Ian B. writes in with the following:

Not sure what the deal here is but I saw The Faceless Monday night in Denver and they had Ken Bergeron of Abigail Williams on vocals. I was expecting to see Derek Rydquist as I had heard he rejoined the band. Might just be a touring situation or what not, but thought I’d pass it along.

MetalSucks has contacted representatives for The Faceless to inquire about Sorceron’s status in the band. We have yet to receive any word back, although it’s worth noting that Abigail Williams have tour dates scheduled with Belphegor, Origin and Shining this fall, and Abigail Williams is totally Ken’s baby, so it’s difficult to see him leaving that project behind. We’ll update you as soon as we know anything, though. But in the meantime… I guess Sorceron’s as suitable a fill-in as any for The Faceless. It’d be interested to see how he does as a true frontman, as opposed to being behind a guitar like he is in Abigail Williams.

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