Ringworm’s “Shades of Blue” Video: If You Watch ANOTHER Video About Necroph*l*a This Week…


Man, I know fucking dead people has long been a staple of heavy metal subject matter — Alice Cooper and Slayer really cemented that — but it seems like this week’s video output has had a special emphasis on the topic. First, we had that new Fistula video that made our stomachs churn, and now we have Ringworm’s video for “Shades of Blue,” which also has its basis in the love that dare not squish its name.

At least Ringworm’s video is a little artsy and more about the psychological turmoil of the necrophiliac, and therefore the argument could be made that it’s more about mania than cracking open a cold one specifically (there are definitely overtones of the movie Maniac here). But come on, we’ve got a loner in an old house washing, dressing, dancing with, and putting a mask on a dead girl here. We know what this video is implying, even if it never shows us the point of consummation (shudder).

Anyway, check out “Shades of Blue” below. Ringworm’s latest, Snake Church, drops July 29th via Relapse. You can pre-order it here.

[via The PRP]

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