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Exclusive Album Premiere: Comet Control’s Control Center of the Maze

  • Anso DF

Comet Control

The music of Comet Control doesn’t require a lot of context. But here’s a little just in case: It’s tempting to consider CC a vintage retro band, one whose sources of inspiration are pre-1975 or so. As far as sonics, that’s a safe description and won’t get you laughed out of any fancy parties. But the theory springs leaks once you register the philosophy of Comet Control melodies: pure ’90s.

Now to split this single hair a second time, let’s acknowledge that the ’90s acts that sorta sired Comet Control’s mastery of verse, hook, and bridge are themselves openly retro often or always: Dandy Warhols, the Charlatans UK, and Brian Jonestown Massacre. So it may be more accurate to think of CC as retro once removed, and, like, proceed on the premise that their idea of the perfect melody is two decades younger than their preferred style of production.

And just when you’re thinking that this distinction is meaningless, you’ll be struck by the realization that CC’s new album Center of the Maze is timelessly awesome and then suddenly turn glad that you already understand why. And MS gets to play it for you before anyone else (below). Crank it up!

Comet Control’s Center of the Maze is out tomorrow via Tee Pee. Pre-order here and here.

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