Led Zeppelin Win “Stairway to Heaven” Court Case


No doubt to the chagrin of MetalSucks’ own Emperor Rhombus, a federal jury in Los Angeles has cleared Led Zeppelin of accusations that they stole part of their most famous song, “Stairway to Heaven,” from Spirit’s “Taurus.”

The jury came to their verdict after just a day of deliberations, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Not only that, but they listened to both songs again a mere thirty minutes before making their final ruling. So I guess either Taurus’ attorney didn’t do a very good job of arguing his client’s case, or the jury was lousy with Led Zeppelin fans (i.e., people who can hear stuff).

It also probably didn’t hurt Led Zep’s case that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant both came in and shared recollections of creating the song. I mean, basically, two of the most beloved, most charismatic rock gods of all time came in, sat ten feet from the jurors, and regaled them with cool stories. Fuck, dude, it’s a wonder the jury didn’t also acquit them of crimes they weren’t even accused of committing. “That was awesome, Mr. Plant! You go ahead and take one free murder on the house!” Juries can do that, right?

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