Check Out This Awesome Footage of Electric Wizard’s Dopethrone Recording Sessions


Dopethrone, Electric Wizard’s masterpiece, is without a doubt one of stoner metal’s defining albums. It’s revered by genre diehards and casual listeners alike, and sixteen years after its release it remains one of the few truly extreme records to transcend the genre, making it a cherished piece of metal history. It’s also just really effin’ heavy.

Some interesting VHS footage has surfaced online recently that offers some insight into the album’s drug-fueled recording sessionsIn part, it’s like looking into a time capsule and catching a glimpse of the late ’90s but there’s also footage that shows a young Jus’ humor and general mindset at the time of recording.

There are three videos total and they’re all worth glancing at if you’re a fan of Electric Wizard or if you just want to learn how to pack a bong properly. Check ’em out below (via Gear Gods):

[via Gear Gods]

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