This Icelandic Soccer Commentary Doubles Perfectly as Black Metal Vocals


As those of our readers who pay attention to soccer (all five of you) might know, the European Championships are going on right now, and Iceland is cleaning up, beating England yesterday to continue to the quarter finals. Suffice it to say, everyone in Iceland is probably going apeshit right now.

But no one quite so much as Icelandic soccer commentator Guðmundur Benediktsson. Last Wednesday, when his home team beat Austria, Benediktsson went absolutely bananas, to the point where his voice cracked and he began yelping and shrieking wildly in celebration.

Of course, someone had to put Benediktsson’s explosion of joy over some churning black metal. And the thing is, while his cries of excitement don’t sound exactly like Scandinavian black metal vocals, they’re pretty close! Take out some of the warmth, compress the shit out of those shrieks, maybe layer whispery vocal in the background, and it would sound a hell of a lot like the vocals on De Mystreriis. 

Listen to Benediktsson’s exaltation of Lucifer below. Meanwhile, here’s a glass of Brennivín raised to the Icelandic team. Good luck in the quarter finals, boys.

[via Metal Insider]

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