-(16)- Fantasize About Living Off the Grid on “Landloper”


-(16)- have released a new song, “Landloper,” and something tells me it’s one to which many metal fans will be able to relate. Explains vocalist Cris Jerue:

“The song ‘Landloper’ is a tension-filled little ditty that deals with the inner craving to quit everything and live off the grid. Or take up residence on a blanket at the beach. Or subsist in the doorway of a bank. It doesn’t fucking matter. Just get yourself anywhere else as soon as possible and become a free, unfettered hominid before time runs out. It’s easily the most negative, positivistic song on the record.”

Live off the grid with “Landloper” below, courtesy of Cvlt Nation. The song appears on ‘s new album, Lifespan of a Moth, which comes out July 15 on Relapse. Pre-order it here.

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