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Here’s the Track Listing and Cover Art for the New Neurosis Album


Neurosis are pretty cool, which is a statement that will get some fans frothing with rage. They’ve become the new underground requirement, the band that means more than words can say to your average fan of black and doom metal (sort of like a cult Tool). And now that Neurosis have a new album on the way, the fans are thirsty for news.

So, for all the Neurosis junkies out there, here’s your fix: the band has released the art and tracklisting for their new album, Fire Within Fires.

The tracks are:

01. Bending Light
02. A Shadow Memory
03. Fire Is The End Lesson
04. Broken Ground
05. Reach

And the cover will look like this:


Okay, even I’ll admit, that’s a pretty fucking cool album cover.

Anyway, both the track names and the art suggest Neurosis as usual, so diehards shouldn’t get worried that they’ll be terribly disappointed–though there’d be something kind of beautiful to that! What if the modern tyrants of doom metal put out an industrial-influenced glam rock album and just pissed in the face of their legacy and their diehard fans.

Hopefully, this will tide you over until your next dose of Neurosis information. If not, you might have a problem.


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