Breaking the Law

Vince Neil Charged with Misdemeanor Battery for Assaulting That Nicolas Cage Fan



Remember a couple of months back, when Vince Neil yanked a woman by the hair because she dared as Nicolas Cage for an autograph, and then Neil tottered at Cage like some sort of baby learning how to walk and Cage said, “STOP THIS SHIT NOOOOOW!”? That was funny, right?

Well, now it’s coming back to bite Neil in the ass. Apparently, after reviewing a surveillance video, officers agreed that Neil did pull this woman by the hair. Now, the singer is being charged with misdemeanor battery, which, if he’s convicted, could land him in prison for six months.

Obviously, this isn’t Neil’s first legal rodeo, what with the DUI after the DUI that killed his friend. But for both of those, Neil did a couple of days time (which he claimed was to “make an example of him”–what a whiner). Maybe this will be the time that actually fucks his stupid life up.

Meanwhile, Neil’s attorney, David Chesnoff, told the Daily News that “people shouldn’t pre-judge things until all the facts are in.” We wait with bated breath, David.


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