Former Iron Maiden Vocalist Paul Di’Anno Denies Cancer Story

  • Axl Rosenberg

Yesterday, two former Iron Maiden vocalists made headlines when one, Blaze Bayley, asserted in an interview that the other, Paul Di’Anno, has cancer. Di’Anno’s management denied the rumor by the end of the day, but now Di’Anno himself has clarified the situation to Classic Rock:

“I collapsed at home after coming back from Argentina and a scan found a massive big black shadow on my lungs. I thought I was on my way out, but it turned out to be non-malignant.

“It was an abscess that was all infected and the size of a rugby ball. It turns out I’ve been living with this thing in me for the last few years.

“The doctors said it was an airborne thing that caused the infection and I could have picked it up anywhere.

“I had to go into recovery after the operation and rather than go back to my home in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I stayed here in England and I’m now in a care home.”

So why did Bayley say Di’Anno has cancer? According to Di’Anno, the interview is actually old, and at the time it was given, they still thought Di’Anno was, indeed, suffering from cancer.

The biggest problem, it turns out, is his knee:

“I’m getting a lot of physiotherapy on my left knee, so that they can try get me back on my walking sticks again. I’ve already had the other knee replaced and once this one is done I will be fine.

“It’s very, very painful right now and I have been quite depressed. I’m on 30 pills a day and in a wheelchair. But everyone says I’m looking better. I’m trying to stay positive.”

I’m relieved to hear that Di’Anno is okay. I will feel much less guilty now about pointing out what a prick he is most of the time. So this really works out well for everyone.

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