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Inquisition Crush it on “Long, Convoluted Song Title”



Many people stand against Inquisition for the political controversy that rose around them (a former roadie and ex-neo Nazi said they applauded his swastika tattoo, the band denied it). Others just don’t like their music (though we distinctly disagree with them on that point).

Me, I’m just annoyed by their song and album titles. I get it, you guys are scholarly black metal traditionalists who want every title to sound like it was taken out of a report on a historical text, but man, all it means is that people skim over that shit and don’t remember it. They just remember one word, or a central riff.

An example of this is the band’s new track, “Power From The Center of the Cosmic Black Spiral” off of their upcoming album Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Jesus Christ Are You Fucking Kidding Me With This Shit. The track is awesome–grinding, bludgeoning black metal full of hoarse gurgles and a creepy-crawly outro–but man, I’ll never remember that. At best, I’ll call this track “Power” from now on, but more than likely I’ll simply think of it as “Creepy Outro.” Maybe just name everything on the record like that? This one’s called “Killer Solo!”

Anyway, enjoy “Creepy Outro” below. Inquisition’s Seventh Full-Length Album comes out August 26th on Season of Mist. You can pre-order it here.

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