Shinedown Guitarist Posts “Insane” Political Texts from Filter’s Richard Patrick


I’m no big fan of Shinedown, though Vince digs ’em and I generally trust him on these matters, so whatever, they’re fine. Meanwhile, I’m not a huge Filter fan either, though between the neck tattoo restaurant fiasco and the Swedish venue controversy they seem to court drama. More so, when I saw them open for Coal Chamber, frontman Richard Patrick went on a pretty typical rant against Beyonce because she’s rich and successful.

Anyway, I bring this all up because apparently Filter frontman Richard Patrick has been harassing Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers via text, and Myers has decided to post these messages online to show how “insane” Patrick is.

Myers prefaced the post with the following via his Facebook page:

If you don’t want to read the post, the basic thing is, Patrick claims Myers refuses to hate on Trump because he knows his audience is conservative, and Myers wants to be left alone.

But look, while Patrick seems like a huge pain in the keister, I’m not sure, as Myers claims, that “this is what insanity looks like.” Patrick seems insufferable, annoying, and maybe the kind of guy Myers should block from his phone, but that’s it. We’ve all known those people, no matter what their political stance; even I, a hardcore liberal, had to block someone because of their long, intense, annoying Facebook rants about how I wasn’t liberal enough.

So no one should be, you know, worried about Patrick and/or Myers. No one’s going to hurt anyone. But if you were hoping for that Filter/Shinedown tour anytime soon, either don’t hold your breath… or get ready for some awesome stage banter.

[via Rock Feed]

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