This is How Corey Taylor Deals with People Who Use Their Phones at Slipknot Shows


Are you at a Slipknot show? Are you right up front against the railing with, like, the best view ever? Do you wanna immediately post about it your socials or gloat to your friends?

Well, make sure Corey Taylor doesn’t see catch you in the act!

Taylor later discussed his actions on Twitter a lil’ bit:

Well, the texting fan in question doesn’t look too upset in the video, and what Taylor did isn’t nearly as obnoxious as, say, what Geoff Tate did in a similar situation. Like, worst case scenario, Taylor may have shattered that dude’s screen, which sucks but hey shit happens. At least the guy has a cool story to tell. “Dude, what happened to your phone?” “DUDE! Corey Taylor totally wrecked it during a Slipknot show!” “Whoa? Really? AWESOME!!!!”

[via The PRP]

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