Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Shares His Thoughts on #BlackLivesMatter


At this point, I think we’ve told you, like, a gajillion times that you should be reading Robb Flynn’s ‘The General Journals’ (you can subscribe here). Flynn is always intelligent, passionate, and unflinchingly honest in his writing… even when it may not be to his benefit.

Case in point: Flynn, his wife, and his son all got death threats after the Machine Head guitarist/vocalist decided to speak out against the racism of Phil Anselmo… and yet, here’s Flynn, once again discussing a racially charged hot-button issue. How can you not respect this dude?

Read Flynn’s latest editorial, about #BlackLivesMatter, below. Great, if unsurprising, news: unlike some metal musicians, Flynn isn’t a total yutz! I sincerely hope he reaches the hearts and minds of some metal fans out there. I mean, if he can’t do it, I dunno who can.

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