New Ministry Album Will Take On Trump Supporters, Fallen Fruit

  • Axl Rosenberg

Al Jourgensen confuses me. He broke up Ministry, he reunited Ministry. He said Ministry would never make an album without deceased guitarist Mike Scaccia, he says Ministry is making an album without deceased guitarist Mike Scaccia. And now there’s this quote from a new interview with Cleveland Scene, regarding the lyrics for the new Ministry album without deceased guitarist Mike Scaccia:

“After three albums of Bush, I’ll let some of the younger groups take the low-hanging fruit, which would be Trump. I’ve seen some anti-Trump raps and metal songs. To me, it’s such low hanging fruit that it’s not worth the effort. I’m going to wait until it falls off the tree and then I’ll eat, but I’m not going to pick it.”

So… he won’t pick low hanging fruit… but he will pick up fruit that is no longer hanging. Is he a fruitarian? Well, no; fruitarians only eat fallen fruit because they believe to pick the fruit is to harm the plant from which it spawned. But Jourgensen says he doesn’t wanna pick the low hanging fruit because it’s not worth the effort. But he would eat fruit off the ground, which would take even less effort than picking low hanging fruit (unless he has a bad back or something). Maybe he meant to imply that the fruit isn’t ripe before it falls? But that’s not true.



In case you’re wondering what fallen or high-hanging fruit Jourgensen will be gathering on the new Ministry album, it will be Trump’s supporters rather than Trump himself:

“I would rather sing about the sociological conditions that have gotten an entire country to vote for such a dolt. I’m not going to be bashing Trump. I’ll probably be bashing his supporters in the lyrics to the next Ministry album. It will be more so about that than Trump.”

Which is a topic definitely worth discussing. Unfortunately, that discussion will most likely be housed in five or six minutes of the same piece of music played over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, but some people don’t mind that, I’m told.

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