Japanese Metallers Maximum the Hormone Perform Live in a School Classroom


Of all the hundreds (thousands?) of live sets I’ve seen in my life, Maximum the Hormone’s set in NYC in the fall of 2014 was one of the craziest I’ve ever witnessed. The novelty of it was certainly a factor — they never tour the U.S. and gave a rare Stateside performance — but the band was absolutely insane on stage, and the audience brought the energy to match. It was absolute mayhem, and not an Attila Csihar kind of way.

Now here they are in a venue approximately 1/100th the size — a school classroom in Japan — performing a show for a bunch of STOKED students… and they bring it JUST AS HARD, if not harder. It’s clear this was a planned video shoot and not a show (played for whatever reason) that happened to be captured — several cameras have been set up all over the room, and there’s a pro PA brought in — which makes it all the more impressive that these guys and gal nailed this shit in one fucking take. Although watching the students’ reactions is just as entertaining as watching the band; the synchronized, desk-chair headbanging is particularly precious.

Thanks to Metal Injection for bringing it to our attention. Watch below.

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