Varg Vikernes: “Showing Us White Heroes Goes Against [Mainstream Media] Agenda”


Varg Vikernes’ YouTube channel Thulean Perspective is nothing if not interesting. And by “interesting” we mean “Full of the kind of racist, bigoted, misogynistic crap you’d expect from Varg.”

Varg’s latest: a short video in which he praises Alexandre Migues, a Frenchman who allegedly climbed onto the side of the truck in Nice, France that plowed through a crowd this past weekend killing dozens of people, slowing the truck down and enabling the police to eventually shoot and kill the driver.

The reason Varg thinks the “mainstream media” isn’t giving Migues the credit he deserves? “I guess he was ‘too white.’ Showing us ‘white’ heroes goes against their agenda.”

Nevermind the fact that several of the police offers involved in stopping the crazed truck driver were also white, as clearly visible in this eyewitness video posted by The New York times. Nevermind the fact that plenty of white people are recognized as heroes every fucking day all over the world for any number of reasons. Never mind that 84 INNOCENT FUCKING PEOPLE just died in a terrorist attack, and Varg is using their deaths to boost his pro-white stance, which is completely irrelevant. Because being a white person, and being a man, is so difficult in today’s world! The oppression!

But what else should we expect from Varg?

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