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RIGHT NOW: Jam Periphery III Along with Vince and Axl on Facebook Live


Periphery III - Select Difficulty

If you’re a regular MetalSucks reader, you probably do not need us to tell you that today marks the release of Periphery’s new album, Periphery III: Select Difficulty (get it here if you haven’t already)! As is always the case, a new Periphery album is cause for celebration. So we’re celebrating the best way we know how: by listening to the album all the way through for the first time at the loudest possible volume. And we want you to to jam the record along with us!

So: starting at 3:30 pm EST today — in other words, like, now — we’ll be on the MetalSucks Facebook page, streaming video live from the Vince Division of the MetalSucks Mansion as they listen to Periphery III for the first time. Not only can you listen in sync with us, but you can comment, ask questions, tell us how wrong our opinions are and how that wrongness surely means the sky is falling, etc., all in real time. It’ll be a blast! Forgive us if we’re just a few minutes late.

Go here to get in on the fun. The album is 64 minutes long, so with preamble and post-listen discussion, figure we’ll be done by 4:30, or 5pm latest. Looking forward to chatting and sharing a virtual headbanging sesh!

-Vince n’ Axl

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