Video: Every Time I Die’s Andy Williams Returns to the Wrestling Ring


Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams’ wrestling career got off to a fast start, with some juicy trash-talking that resulted in a high-profile match. Unfortunately Williams lost his debut, and what’s worse he sustained a knee injury that laid him up on the sidelines.

But fret not, Williams fans: the ridiculously well-built axe-slinger returned to the ring earlier this week as part of an Absolute Intense Wrestling event at the Cuyahoga Falls, OH stop of the Vans Warped Tour, as reported by The PRP. Williams participated in a tag-team match with Facade in his corner and beat out Alex Daniels and Gregory Iron for the victory.

You can watch a minute of the match over at ProWrestlingSheet.com or a brief clip via Andy’s Twitter below. Looks like Williams is back in tip-top shape following his injury back in March; could a rematch with Tarik be on the horizon?

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