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Bangladeafy Come Back Deftly with “Termites”


Speaking of “fiddly technical delights”: Metal Injection has premiered “Termites,” a new song from Bangladeafy. The duo, you may recall from past MS articles, are highly unique: drummer Atif Haq is Bangladeshi, while bassist/pianist/vocalist John Ehlers was born with sensio-neural hearing loss. In other words, their name isn’t just a silly pun — it’s a silly pun that accurately describes their members.

In fact, the only way the band’s name could be even more accurate is if it was ‘Bangladeafinitelygreatmusicians.’ The skill with which these two dudes create spazzy mathcore ensures that they’re more than just a band with a great gimmick.

It’s been three years since the release of the band’s last EP, The Briefcase, but “Termites” demonstrates that they haven’t lost their mojo: it’s a noodly maze that defies easy categorization and demands repeat listens. Not everyone will “get it,” but those who do are gonna fall in love with it — hard.

Listen to “Termites” below and see for yourself. The track will appear on Bangladeafy’s new EP, Nacropaloma, which comes out August 26 on Nefarious Industries.

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