Nirnaeth’s “Nihil In Me” Video is a Perfect Display of What it is to Play Black Metal


A common problem with black metal videos is budgetary limitations versus scope. Black metal bands want to display the epic vistas of darkness they imagine while playing their music, but the best they can afford is usually a semi-decent greenscreen performance. But while all that epic evil may be how performing black metal feels, it’s rarely what performing black metal is.

But France’s Nirnaeth have gotten that down with their new video for “Nihil In Me.” The video is a series of close-ups of the guys in the band playing the song, and it shows just how awesome if silly that process is. There’s frontman Zigouille making weird spastic faces and tightening the straps on his studded gauntlet, there’s drummer Vagorn’s less-than-chiseled physique (no shade, I myself am built like a groundhog) as he blasts away on percussion, there’s obviously fake blood slowly dribbling down someone’s tattoo of the eight-pointed star of chaos. Forget spikes and leather and bad photocopying–this is about as true as the genre gets.

Check out the “Nihil In Me” video below. The track comes from Nirnaeth’s upcoming split with Azziard, which drops August 12th via Kaotoxin Records. You can purchase one of the limited-edition vinyl copies of the split here.

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