Jason Richardson (ex-Chelsea Grin, Born of Osiris) Releases Single Off New Album Featuring Spencer Sotelo (Periphery)


I don’t think anyone can deny that Jason Richardson is an unbelievably talented guitarist. While his particular style of djenty progressive isn’t exactly my cup of tea, his new solo song will definitely appeal to fans of his past material, especially those who loved his time with Born of Osiris. That said: Spencer Sotelo of Periphery fame lends his vocal talents to the track as well, so, to my ears at least, the song ends up just sounding like something Periphery would release. In spite of the plentiful technicality, it just doesn’t seem that original.

Anyways, the song is called “Retrograde,” and it’s off Richardson’s upcoming album, I (One). Lyrically, it deals with duality and being holographic in a multi-dimensional world. It certainly jumps all over the place instrumentally, so at least they’re sticking with this multi-dimensional theme across the board.

If you’re interested, you can order a variety of deluxe editions here. There’s one that comes with a Doom inspired tee that has what looks like a pug on it. I kind of want just that shirt, but I can’t be sure because the website WONT LET ME ZOOM IN ON THE STOCK PHOTO. *Ahem* Sorry, lost my cool there for a moment.

Check out the song below if you’re interested.

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