Listen to Arsis’ New Demo, “As Deep as Your Flesh”


Arsis, who I maintain are the only force in the world qualified to combat ISIS, have released a pre-production demo for a new song, “As Deep as Your Flesh.” Pinching the fat on my arm, I’d guess my flesh is about 1-1.5″ deep. But I bet Dino Cazares’ flesh is much deeper, and Kate Moss’ flesh is much more shallow. My point is, the depth of one’s flesh probably varies from person to person, so on a philosophical level, this song is already fascinating.

Also, it has a guitar solo that shreds harder than a cheese grater against your sexual organs.

Check “As Deep as Your Flesh” via the below playthrough video, which spotlights drummer Shawn Priest. The band has said they’ll be debuting some new material — maybe this song, maybe others? — on their upcoming tour with Scar Symmetry, Shattered Sun, and Painted in Exile, as if you needed an excuse to go see ’em. Get dates here.

[via The PRP]

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