Video: Marching Band Covers Slayer, Sets Drums on Fire


When you think “marching band,” you don’t usually think “metal as fuck” — but I can think of no better way to describe Rhode Island’s What Cheer? Brigade. The band, which currently has more than thirty members, dresses in head-to-toe black, often utilize masks and grimy make-up, and turn all their shows in massive parties. They’re incredible, and if you ever have the chance to go see ’em live, you should absolutely do so.

Case in point: they routinely cover Slayer’s “Raining Blood,” and during a performance in Brooklyn this past Friday night, July 29, they did so as their show spilled out into the street… and then one of them lit his drums on fire.

Like I said: metal as fuck.

My very good friend Janie captured footage of this insane happening, which I am now only too happy to be sharing with you. I hope you get a kick out of it:

Incidentally, I co-wrote a short film that prominently features the What Cheer? Brigade. I’m leaving it below. Maybe you’ll like it, or maybe it will just provide you with another way to talk shit about me. Either way, I hope you watch it.

What Cheer? – starring Richard Kind from Five Eyed Films on Vimeo.

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