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Celebrate James Hetfield from Metallica’s Birthday by Voting for His Best “Yeah!”

  • Axl Rosenberg

James Hetfield turns fifty-three today. Happy birthday, James (or, er, ‘Jaymz’)!

We wanted to celebrate the occasion by doing something Hetfield-centric. Originally, we were going to make a list of Hetfield’s best guitar solos from throughout the history of Metallica… but then we started to listening to some of those songs, and suddenly had a much better idea.

To that end: it’s no secret that Papa Het screams “YEAH!” a lot during Metallica songs…

…but which “YEAH!” is his very best??? Looking back through history, wrestling with the truly important questions relating to the human experience, which “YEAH!” do you think scholars will someday deem the “YEAH!” to end all “YEAH!”s?

Give Hetfield’s “YEAH!”s a listen below, and then make your vote! Remember: this is inarguably the most important ballot you’ll cast in 2016!!!!

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