Enlarge Will Megadeth megadie?

Dave Mustaine Says “I Hope I Have Two More” Megadeth Records in Him Before He Retires


For whatever reason, endings are in the air this week: The Dillinger Escape Plan have said they’re going on hiatus after their upcoming album cycle, Tom Araya may finally pack it in and leave Slayer, and now this:

I don’t really believe Mustaine when he says he’s gonna ride off into the sunset someday, but I guess there’s no point thinking about it too much now regardless: there’s 2-3 years in-between the release of every Megadeth album, so at earliest, we’re talking about Megadeth doing some sort of farewell tour in 2020 (and Mustaine puts his retirement closer to 2022). So if the idea of Megadeth finally megadying upsets you, well, you’ve got time to get used to it.

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