The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato: “No One in This Band is Dumb Enough to Say Something’s Ever Really Done”


The extreme music world fell into a perfectly understandable state of depression last week when guitarist Ben Weinman revealed the the band would be packing it in after the cycle for their upcoming album, Disassociation. Here is a band that, against all odds, has somehow managed to remain cool for twenty years. You don’t need me to tell you that’s rare. Metallica weren’t even good for one full decade, let alone two.

The only consolation that comes with news like this is the fact that, as proven time and again, every band eventually reunites. And one dude who seems very aware of that fact is DEP frontman Greg Puciato. In a new interview with AP, the vocalist comes across as a pragmatic realist:

Do you have plans for life post-Dillinger?

Possibly, but who knows how we’re going to feel after the 200 more shows we still have to play. That’s what I mean: We’re about to announce our breakup, and I’m not even thinking about it. The only thing I care about is that the record is being announced and the release date is being announced and we’re finally going to have the fucking first song off the record for people to listen to properly, instead of a radio stream. I’m not thinking about a breakup that’s not going to initiate until hundreds of shows from now. And definitely, creatively, I don’t know what the fuck I’m gonna be thinking two years from now when we finally play our last show.

So you’re leaving things open?

Well, yeah, because no one in this band is dumb enough to say something’s ever really done. If you’re smart and you look at every other band that’s done this, I mean, Guns N’ Roses are fucking back, for Christ’s sake. Van Halen already came back. So the only thing you can do to make yourself not look like an idiot and not have to eat your own words is to leave it open for possibilities, because that’s reality. People are done when they’re dead.

That may seem like a “Yeah no duh!” statement, but it’s amazing how many musicians are dumb enough to say something is really done. It reminds me how much I’m gonna miss this band’s lack of bullshit.

DEP fans will no doubt also take comfort knowing that the band’s actual break-up is still down the road a bit. With a little luck, you may even be able to see them more than once before they go on hiatus. Chances for closure, such as this one, are so rare!

[via Metal Injection]

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