The Ghost Inside’s Zach Johnson is Facing Three More Surgeries


If any of us had to endure what The Ghost Inside guitarist Zach Johnson has been through following the band’s bus crash last November we’d have given up hope. I know I would’ve, anyway.

But not Zach: despite just learning that he’ll need to undergo [at least] three more surgeries — bringing the total thus far to THIRTEEN — he’s remained positive and optimistic, albeit understandably a bit bummed out.

In July Johnson learned that his femur hadn’t healed following the initial surgery to repair it, and now in a lengthy post via Instagram he’s detailed what will be done to attempt to fix it again: one surgery to remove a piece of bone from his healthy femur, and a second to use that piece of bone to repair the broken one. A third, unrelated surgery will fix a hernia Johnson has developed in his abdomen. He’ll then have to begin the physical therapy process all over again, with the added challenge of rehabbing a knee that the doctors will be going into to remove the piece of healthy femur. And this is a guy that has already lost toes. For fuck’s sake.

Despite all that, the guitarist offered this on Twitter:


You can still donate to cover the band’s medical expenses via GoFundMe. They need it now more than ever.

Recieved an update on my femur today. And I can’t lie, I’m fucking devastated. My bone hasn’t healed at all, how this slipped under the radar is beyond me. But as I’ve been told, that’s “the medical system.” So here’s what’s happening: 1. I will be put back into the hospital for at least a week. Where two surgeries will happen. The first will be taking bone from my left femur via my knee (so now my left knee will have problems as well). And then they will fully redo my ENTIRE right femoral surgery. Replacing everything, re-slicing everything. After those two surgeries I’ll be released, but 100 steps backwards. 2. I have a hernia in my abdomen, this could’ve been taken care of months ago. But due to “the system,” it hasn’t. Explains my constant stomach pain and issues. So I’ll be having surgery on that as well. 3. After all of these I will re-start physical therapy. Last week I finally got my right knee to “normal” range of motion. I’ll have even more pain than normal, and have to work even harder to get life back to as close as normal. One nice (I suppose) thing is I can choose when this happens. Sooner than later obviously though. I appreciate all the love and support. This just straight up fucking sucks. It won’t break my spirit, but it undoubtedly has put a huge dent in it. Three more surgeries to go now.

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