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Sepultura Guitarist Andreas Kisser’s Online Accounts Hacked by Racists


Sepultura, unlike most metal bands, are not a group consisting solely of white men. They’re also from Brazil, a country on which the spotlight is currently centered as the 2016 Olympic Games get underway. Both of these things could explain why the long-running thrashers were the subject of an online attack last night, in which guitarist Andreas Kisser saw his Twitter and Instagram feeds, as well as the band’s official website, hacked by racists.

The hackers posted a number of comments under Kisser’s accounts that were quite inflammatory, and although those have since been deleted MetalSucks reader @morganyevans captured a screen shot of two of them:

Andreas Kisser twitter hack

Really fucking gross.

In these kinds of situations I’m always left wondering whether these attacks are perpetrated by bored kids who want to draw attention to their hacking prowess by posting comments they know will attract wide attention, or whether they’re executed by actual racists with an agenda they’re trying to push. I think it’s probably the former, but it’s still just an absolutely disgusting thing to do; I can easily think of a dozen other ways “chikri” and “undoxed” could’ve called attention to their hacks. It’s also possible there was some kind of personal vendetta behind these attacks… but we’ll probably never know.

In any case, all the offending posts have since been removed and Sepultura’s website has a temporary “under construction” splash page up while they get that sorted. It appears that others in the Sep camp were hacked too, although we haven’t been able to determine who. The band and Andreas have both issued comments:

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