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Rotting Christ Fart Parody Features MetalSucks’ Own Brian Storm

  • Axl Rosenberg

It seems like only yesterday that we were teaching The Smart Metal Show host Brian Storm to tie his shoes, recite the alphabet, and troll dumbshits on the net. And now, here he is, appearing in a Rotting Christ fart parody from — who else? — Guy First’s State of the Fart (see some of his brilliant flatulent earlier work here and here). They grow up so quick! [sniffle, sniffle]

ANYWAY, even if our Bri-Bri wasn’t in the clip, it would still be pretty great. First is obviously the world’s foremost expert in fartcore: the dude has hand farted with Devin Townsend and Dark Tranquillity’s Mikael Stane, and produced fantastic fart farces of Slayer, Gojira, and Bring Me the Horizon, among others. Rotting Christ was always gonna be a (hot, foul) breeze for Guy. I mean, the band has a description of First’s intestines right there in their name. They were made for his brand of breaking wind.

Do yourself a favor — check out Guy and Brian in the Rotting Christ clip below!

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