Enlarge Will they reunite before 2020 as they recently hinted?

Chad Gray Comments on Mudvayne Reunion Rumors


The funniest quote from former Mudvayne /current Hellyeah vocalist Chad Gray’s recent interview with Revolver is this:

As an artist—or whatever you do—you wanna be respected for your work. But even after all the records we’ve done, there’s still the stigma of Pantera and Mudvayne and everyone wanting the reunions and all this s–t, so it was like, ‘Is what we’re doing not good enough?’”

Yeah, no shit, dude! I’m aware Hellyeah have a fanbase, but you’d have to be completely delusional — and hubristic! — to think anything Hellyeah’s done even TOUCHES Pantera and, no matter what you think of Mudvayne, they definitely struck a nerve in their time and place. So, no, most people would agree that what Hellyeah are doing is NOT good enough! That is quite obviously why people keep asking about Pantera and Mudvayne reunions. It’s true that metalheads are hopelessly stuck in the past, but in the case of Hellyeah… yeah, no.

Gray elaborates on the current status of Mudvayne after the cryptic Facebook post someone in the band’s camp (apparently not with his blessing) posted earlier this year:

With Mudvayne, it is what it is. I’m tired of stringing people along. I still talk to the guys; we’re cool. But for many reasons, Mudvayne doesn’t exist anymore. Someone posted that ‘Mudvayne 201?’ thing online and they shouldn’t have done that because it’s fucking with Mudvayne fans emotionally, which isn’t fair. I don’t want to wind people up, but who am I to say that can never happen again? But I’m certainly not gonna say that it can.

Meanwhile bassist Ryan Martinie is playing in a pretty cool jazz-fusion band. So at least there’s that if Hellyeah ain’t your thing.

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