Amazing Early Black Sabbath Memorabilia To Be Auctioned Off This Fall


The band memorabilia game seems pretty stupid to me overall; even as a guy who collects tons of stuff, the idea of drooling over a towel onto which some legendary rock star hocked up a bit of carrot feels silly. I guess it’s just that memorabilia from the most legendary bands often isn’t that cool, it’s just a shattered drumhead or whatever.

But it’s now been announced that a bunch of early Black Sabbath memorabilia will be auctioned off this fall with things dating back to the days when they were called Earth, and man, this stuff is cool. If I had the money, I’d definitely throw down.

Among the items going up for auction include postcards from Ozzy to his mom and dad (in one he wishes his sister and her baby well, d’aaaaaaaw), a flyer advertising a show by Earth, and the hand-written lyrics to Earth’s “Changing Phases,” which would later become Sabbath’s “Solitude.” The items are being sold as one lot, and are estimated to start around £2,000-3,000.

Out of everything, there’s something very cool about the postcards from Ozzy. It’s one thing to have a guitar someone played or a shirt someone wore, but it’s another entirely to have a piece of mail written by your favorite musician and sent to his family. There’s something sweet and humanizing about it, showing how even guys like Ozzy Osbourne have a mom and dad (and niece!) who they want to let know that they’re okay, having a crazy time, and will be on the radio later.

The lot will be auctioned off in Sheffield on September 30th. You can read more about the memorabilia at Antiques Trader Gazette.

[via Loudwire]

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