Dave Mustaine Hopes This Line-Up Will Be Megadeth’s Last


It’s pretty well known that Megadeth have had line-up issues over the years, with constantly changing members (with Dave Mustaine even denying the input of alumni).

However, in a recent interview with Chile’s Radio Futuro, Mustaine also said that he hopes the current line-up of Megadeth is the band’s final one — which seems doable, because he’s thinking the band has only two albums left.

Iron Maiden had a bunch of lineup changes. They’ve had more than one singer; they’ve had three singers. We’ve only had one. Slayer’s had lineup changes, Metallica’s had lineup changes, so I don’t really put too much importance on lineup changes… I don’t really put too much importance on line-up changes. If somebody doesn’t want to be here, then fuck ’em…

I don’t want to make any changes anymore. I want this to be my band line-up until the end.

The thing is, Mustaine makes it sound like he’s just sitting there hoping, when the truth is that he’s the mastermind behind the band. The only real solid member of Megadeth is Dave Mustaine, and if the line-up is constantly changing except for him, that tells you something. If he wants permanent members, he needs to a) look for dudes who aren’t guns for hire, and b) maybe tone down his control over the band. He comments earlier in the interview that Marty Friedman quit because Dave wanted to go back to playing thrash, but I’m sure Friedman would tell you a much more nuanced story.

Anyway, good luck to Dave keeping his line-up consistent from now on. A piece of advice, dude? When you feel the urge to rail against someone in the press or on social media, just take a deep breath and count to ten.

[via Loudwire]

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