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Devin Townsend on The MetalSucks Podcast #159


The MetalSucks Podcast with Chuck and Godless / JabberjawWe have wanted to talk to Devin Townsend for quite some time now, and we finally got our chance! He has been a guest on your favorite metal podcast before, but Axl and Vince had the opportunity to do the interview and now we run him through our own ringer. You gotta love this guy! To call him a singer or a guitarist would be selling his talents short, and although he hates to be complimented, Devin is one of the most prolific and inspiring musician of the last two decades. Whether you loved Strapping Young Lad, Ziltoid, the Devin Townsend Project or any of his guest appearances or records he produced, his talent is undeniable. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a candid chat about psychosis, the different ways he sees music as opposed to just hearing it, the progression from one style or influence to the next, how his wife deals with his eccentric nature and the debut of Fun Sponge (you’ll get it when you listen).

We also discuss the Dio hologram that took Wacken 2016 by storm. You thought Dio had died, but his visage has been resurrected via technology to adore and shock fans at this year’s festival. Hell, he even took the time to wave a Wacken banner on stage before leading a chant of “We Rock.” But is it the right thing to do? Obviously those in control of his estate, and the Dio Disciples, think a hologram does justice to the metal legend. But, more importantly, do we? His music should always live on, but are we setting ourselves up for something more perverted and disappointing by not letting our passed heroes lie? Or are we introducing a new generation to the greatness of the legends that only old metal dudes and dudettes got the chance to experience?

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Devin Townsend Project – “Failure”
Dio – “Evil Eyes”

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